MONDAY - 10A - 1P

This is a great drop off program for pups up to 6 months.  

Club Pups gives your new pup the jump start owners need before they can be fully outside on walks in public places.

The Critical Development Period closes at 16 weeks of age.  Up to that window closing is the MOST CRITICAL time in your puppies life.  It is vital they be exposed to the world around them and socialized in order to ensure you do not have behavior issues.  As Dog Behavior Trainers we see major fear in 90% of the pups that come in who have missed their vital exposure.

Puppies that are going to become Service Dogs are in the world at a very young age, this is one major reason they have such solid nerves.

We begin their proper Exposure and Socialization

Socialization with other pups/people

Exposure to sounds such as fireworks, babies crying, trash trucks, gardeners, etc.

objects such as wheel chairs, walkers, bikes, skateboards, etc.

We build confidence and begin the foundation for all your basics obedience and manners.

Training w/behavior:

We start your foundation in basic obedience: sit, down, stay, recall, out, leave it, and leash foundation for loose leash walking.

You will also be in a private Facebook group to see exactly how we are training to ensure you are able to work with your pup at home.  You have to do little sessions at home to transfer the work we are doing here at Club Pups.

You will have a HUGE head start in your puppies life skills and training.  We look forward to adding days soon

**Uploaded proof of 2 sets of vaccines ( can attend Club Pups 7-10 days after 2nd set of vaccines) and negative fecal exam of all parasites including Giardia is required.

We also ask that you not have your pups outside on the ground until all shots are completed.  You can have them out, just not paws on the ground.  There will be information in your Private Facebook page for how to have them out being exposed to life without having their paws on the ground.

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