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The upcoming courses have been broken down  from our 3 month course into separate mini courses, making it easier for students to attend.

After you attend the Foundations Course (mandatory - prerequisite course)  you may choose the courses that fall under the prerequisite course you have already taken.  There are also free standing courses.

Check the hours of completion and dates/times before signing up.  The courses are set up to follow one another.  If you did not get into a course you were wanting it may be several weeks or more before that course opens for enrollment again.  Please check back regularly for new classes and enrollment dates.


All Courses are Instructed by Founder/Owner and Head Trainer of The Hounds Grounds, Brandi Bryant.  You will spend each Course learning and practicing all that Brandi has learned over many many years of training everything from Puppy Training to Behavior Modification of dog with serious behavior issues.

Brandi's experience and education are extensive.  She has set up all of her training courses to build upon each other for a complete and well rounded education.  Many trainers provide Shadow Programs or Workshops that are great for trainers that already have a solid understanding of Dog Training but not good for those that do not have the experience and education that is required to understand what those shadow programs and workshops are teaching.

Brandi was very fortunate to begin her career with a trainer that instilled foundational techniques, homework, journaling, hands on experience and a long internship.  This made it very easy for her to pick up what she would learn in the following years from many world renown trainers along with her own research.  She is now offering a compete program for others to have an even more comprehensive understanding of dogs and dog training and behavior than any single program that she attended.

Learn in a Real Dog Training Facility

Course Location - The Hounds Grounds, Huntington Beach, CA

All Courses are Lecture and Hands on Training

Homework, Pop Quizzes, and Tests

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Foundations in Dog Training


What you will learn:

Overview of Operant and Classical Conditioning

Canine/Human Body Language

Safety in Training/Bite Prevention

The Importance of Relationship Building

Proper Exposure & Socialization

Socialization vs Exposure

Critical Development Period

Genetics and the roll the play

Fulfilling the dog/breed

Layered Stress Model

Dog Training 101 - Basic Obedience & Manners for the Pet Dog

Behavior vs Obedience

February  Course Open for Enrollment

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6 - 8 week course

Saturdays 11a - 2p


Early Bird Registration $1250

Dog Behavior Training

Prerequisite - Foundations in Dog Training

What you will learn:

Canine/Human Body Language cont.

Creating Relaxation & Putting it on Cue

Everything Puppies - development, Info on breeder responsibilities prior to puppy coming home

Shelters/Rescues w/moms & pups

Bringing a dog/puppy home - Protocols, decompression, Setting up for success

Crate Training

Ensuring you do not create bad Behaviors & Manners early on

Dog Parks/Dog Beaches

Preventing Behavior Issues

Methods in Training

Shaping Behaviors

Understanding & Working with Fear in dogs/puppies

Ethical Dog Training

4  week course

Fridays 11a - 1:30p


Behavior & Tools

Prerequisite - Dog Behavior Training

What you will learn:

Extinguishing Behaviors

Don't Get Stuck in A Method

The Shades of Dog Training

Tools - A to Z stop using them wrong - How to use them correctly.

Behavior Modification

4 - 6 week course

Saturdays 11a - 2p





Contracts - what to cover

Booking & Managing Clients

Training Programs

Multiple Sources of Income - what you didn't think of

Keeping a Client for a Lifetime

Emails and Follow ups

How to build business

Word of mouth and referrals

Vet bills, refunds, etc.

Demo Dogs

and more

3 week course

Saturdays 11a - 1p


Behavior Issues


Shadowing Trainers

Prerequisite - Behavior & Tools

This Course goes into more depth regarding behavior issues and approach.  You will also have the opportunity to Shadow the trainer on 4 Private Sessions.

Fear | Relationship | Building Confidence

Where to begin with a dog having Behavior Issues - This is always dependent on the dog.

Back to shades of gray

Client level of ability

Dog level of ability


4 week course

Fridays 11a - 2p



Prerequisite - Behavior Issues

More Info Coming Soon


You will be instructed by Course Developer Brandi Bryant.

(IACP), Professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, an AKC approved evaluator for the AKC Star Puppy, CGC and Advanced CGC programs, Head Training of The Hounds Grounds

Brandi has spent many years learning, practicing and honing her dog training/behavior skills.  Spending years in continued study of methods, tools, courses, workshops, and learning form the worlds most influential dog trainers.

She understood from the beginning one method was never going to work on all dogs and to only use one method was a completely unfair approach.  Specializing in behavior modification you must have an understanding of dogs on a deeper level than a one-size fits all approach.

Brandi's education reaches over Obedience, Behavior, Scent Detection, Sport, Trick, Dogmanship, Behavior Modification, Relationship Based Modification, Proper Conditioning and use of Tools, Methods of Motivation to Positive Reinforcement, and much much more.

The Hounds Grounds has been built on a Motivational Training Modality specializing in what the DOG LOVES in order to create what the owner desires.  This creates a love for work and strong work ethic in our dogs.  There are two sides in training, the most important side being the dogs!

Brandi is going to share with you her many years of knowledge and experience along with hands on learning in her Dog Training Facility.  You will not find another course with the benefits Brandi and The Hounds Grounds has put together in this course.  Learn how to start your dog training career properly.

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