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Day Training

We Make Training Easy

We have Basics Training and Sports and Enrichment Plans

Drop your dog for all basics training needs or even drop them to learn Agility, Tracking, Scent Work, Spring Pole, Wall Climb or to Build Confidence and more.

Our Basic Training Program (you must be enrolled in Private or Group Training) - Our Day Training Program includes the foundation for all basics skills.

It is designed to lay foundation and reinforce the basic obedience skills such as sit, down, stay, place, recall and loose leash walking. We also work on jumping, mouthing, and door manners.  All done while you are at work, traveling, getting kids to activities, running errands, or anything els our busy lifestyles demand of us.  It is often tough as dog owners to juggle life and get the nessasary training sessions in that are needed to ensure our dogs obtain proper training.

We will provide you and your dog with the training program that will kick your training into high gear. This will increase your progression in training.  You will learn the handling skills in your group class or a private training session, whichever fits your schedule and preference.

You bring your dog to us we work with your dog on a training program that fits your needs.  Please call for availability.

With our day training you have less on your plate AND have hands on training for yourself along the way.  

Our Program gives you the best of both worlds as your dog will be learning and associating their training to YOU along with the added bonus of having a Professional Trainer teach all the skills your dog/pup needs to thrive in and out of your home.

Day Training books very quickly as space is limited to 3-4 dogs.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Our Sport and Enrichment Program allows your dog to get the physical and mental outlet to fulfill their needs.  We teach them the sport or enrichment of your (and your dogs) choice.  Want them to keep coming each week to ensure purpose and fulfillment in your dogs life continues? - NO problem.  We can get you signed up for a monthly plan.  Call for details and pricing.

Single Day

  • $150/single day for those needing to work on just a couple of skills 

Basic Day Training and Sports & Enrichment

3 days a week includes:

 12a - 3p ( 3 hours)

  • $375/one week - 3 days a week

  • $700/two weeks - 3 days a week

  • $1025/three weeks - 3 days a week

  • $1350/four weeks - 3 days a week 

There are no refunds, transfers or credits

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