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This course is Invitational Only as we want to ensure the quality of the trainers we certify to be exceptional.  Trainers are being certified in The Hounds Grounds methods of dog training and have to stay within the structure and beliefs of our training to maintain certification.  Trainers will be required to be retested once a year in order to keep their certification status.  They will also be required to uphold continued education credits from trainers The Hounds Grounds approves of.

Trainers can loose their THG Certification at any time if they are using methods we feel are harsh, unfair, cruel, fear imposing, or unacceptable of the high standard THG holds.  If you are invited to take our Certification Class you must accept the invitation within 30 days.


  • Completion of Foundations & Combined Program or equivalent.

  • Have approx. 300 hours of hands on practice

  • Maintain videos showing your practice and skills

  • Retested once a year to maintain certification

  • Sign a Code of Ethics each year


  • Having Certification separates you from those who do not

  • You will be posted in our 

  • Referrals from THG to your business as a recommended trainer

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