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As Professional Dog Trainers specializing in behavior modification and Puppy Development we have spent years educating new puppy owners.

The behavior issues we see year after year dog after dog, could have completely been prevented in near all cases had the owner understood the importance of the early shaping of their young pup. Think about how wonderful an adult dogs life would be if the owner had the vital information everyone should have access to when they first welcomed their new pup into the home.

Well, this is where our Puppy Center of Learning was born. We have EVERYTHING any soon to be or current puppy owner will need to ensure they have a full understanding of Raising A Puppy to be a happy healthy part of the family. We will take all guessing, all frustration, all jumping, potty training, socialization, diet, supplies, best pet insurance options, top Veterinarians, Veterinarian Specialist, the cost of owning a puppy into their golden years and anything els you would possibly need - and put it all at your fingertips. We even have relationships with TOP breeders and Highly Reputable Rescues to ensure you are getting a puppy that meets your lifestyle AND to ensure the health and genetics of the puppy are sound.

THG’s Puppy Center of Learning is so excited to be the first and only of it’s kind, the go-to for all puppies and owners, the breath of fresh air and sigh of relief to any uncertainty you may have. We look forward to meeting you and making your journey through puppyhood an amazing one.

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