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The Hounds Grounds

Rescue Support Program

By Brandi Bryant


The Hounds Grounds selects rescues to participate in their Rescue Support Program.  This program is designed to help rescues with proper decompression, alleviate the funds spent on training, giving volunteers and fosters more skills to better handle and provide basic training to their dogs - helping them become more easily adopted.

The outline for the program is as follows:


  • Teach/Train Fosters to properly integrate and use the Decompression Program for new dogs coming into the home.  This will be in the form of a workshop.

  • Foster responsibility workshops.  Teaching fosters what their responsibilities are and the importance of following through on them for the well being of the dog.


  • Teach/Train Volunteers/Fosters/Point Person basic training/manners and handling to help alleviate the need for outsource of basic dog training and behavior needs.  This will also help with easier placement for the dog and a more adoptable dog for new families.  This will be in the form of workshops.


  • Handouts for new adopters that include: 

    • The Decompression Program to ensure a smooth transition into the new home.  this will help to keep the dog in the new adoptive home.  This is a step by step program to ensure new adopters set themselves and their new family member up for a successful transition and a successful life together.

    • Proper Socialization and advocacy for all dogs especially a less social dog, shy/fearful dog, etc.


  • A maintenance program for group training practice for those dogs ready to go into a group training setting.  Brandi’s maintenance programs include manners, obedience, impulse control and enrichment combined in a 40 min class.  This will maintain basic training, keep in good practice when faced with distractions and also give the dogs a physical AND mental outlet that is fun.  Each class will be held at The Hounds Grounds.  This will include dogs from all rescues involved in the program.

  • Enrichment Program.  Scent is HUGE for enrichment and helping your fosters to give the dogs a really valuable activity that will build confidence and drain mental energy


If you would like your rescue to be considered for this program please contact us through the contact form below.  We will call you to discuss the program and get all details regarding your rescue.

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