ALL of our workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE NOR CREDITED unless the workshop is canceled




Come explore the world of drive sports.

We will start with covering training and safety along with giving you a window into Train Through Game.

We will go over our Friday Night Sport Club and how you can come enjoy friendly competitions.

We will then get your dogs out and working on Spring Pole, Wall Climb and explore Tug and Flirt Pole


Once you and your dog fall in love with these sports - come enjoy our bi-weekly Friday Night Sport Club Competitions.


If you are wanting a working spot (bringing your dog) be sure all your dogs current records are input into the system.

All dogs MUST be properly crate trained to wait comfortably in the crate until their turn. This means no digging, biting, barking, anxious behavior in the crate.

All vaccines/titers/Bordetella must be UTD (within the year)

Please bring: lots of small soft treats, flat collar & harness (back clip harness), leash, notebook and pen.

This and ALL of our workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, NOR CREDITED unless the workshop is canceled


Working Spot - $125

Audit Spot - $95


Get ready to turn your puppy or dog into a RockStar when you call them to come to you.

Recall is at the TOP of the training list - it is a MUST for all dogs to understand and just can't be left out of your training program.  Recall is a life skill that could literally save the life of your dog or puppy.

We will teach you how to get your puppy or dog properly conditioned for recall, how to level up your distractors, what NOT to do to taint your recall and more.  This is a REALLY fun workshop, we look forward to having you!

Working Spots - $125 (Regular $250) Limited Time Offer

Audit Spots - $95 (Regular $190) Limited Time Offer

Limited Working Spots and dogs must be properly crate trained (no wining, barking, scratching, digging, heavy panting, etc.) 

When signing up for an AUDIT SPOT - if you are NOT going to bring a dog the system will force you to choose "FISH" as your pet in order to register for the workshop - this will make your life easier by allowing you to bypass having to complete pet profiles

This and ALL of our workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, NOR CREDITED unless the workshop is canceled

February 7th 6p - 7:30p

Your Instructor is Brandi Bryant

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Urban Trancking/VST

We are Suuuuper Excited for this !
Tracking - 3 part Workshop to teach you and your dog tracking.
When you register you will be registering for all 3 at a discount or you may sign up individually as well, just give us a call if you are wanting to sign up for a single workshop. 714-375-3188

January 12th, January 26th & February 2nd

9am - 12p

This and ALL of our workshops are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, NOR CREDITED unless the workshop is canceled
Tracking is a "man made" test of a dog's scenting abilities. The dog follows the actual footsteps of a person, using the human's scent and the scent of the disturbed ground (yes, even on cement!).
The dog & handler work together as a team to locate one or more items the tracklayer dropped.
Tracking is similar to, but very different from other sports like Nosework, scentwork, and the various Search & Rescue training.
Because the dog follows an exact path (footsteps) it can be practiced in many locations since you can predict where the team will be going. You can avoid congested or unsafe areas, while making good use of the environment.
Since you can plan the team's path you can track nearly anywhere. Open fields are wonderful, but college campuses, industrial parks, shopping centers and any large areas are easy & convenient

Everyone who tries tracking is amazed by their dogs' scenting abilities and has a new appreciation for their best friend!

As a sport, there are many different titles available. But tracking is not competitive; it's pass/fail. This contributes to the supportive attitude of so many of the participants.
If you are participating in a working spot - (bringing a dog) - all dogs must be 100% crate trained to comfortably and calmly wait in the crate until their turn to work.
Limited working spots
All vaccines/titers/Bordetella must be UTD (within the year)
Please bring: lots of small soft treats, flat collar or harness (back clip harness), leash, notebook and pen.
*Tracking is a great sport or great for relationship and enrichment with your dog, you don't have to trial, you can just have fun and fulfill your dog. It is for nearly every dog & handler team.

*Tracking builds focus, time on task & teamwork in a positive manner
tracking is a no-impact sport & not timed, so it's great for puppies, mature dogs, sport dogs, and handlers of a certain age.

*Tracking can be very mentally challenging, so it is excellent for the canine "wild child" or performance dog. It will allow them a feeling of satisfaction for a job well done. They're usually so worn out after a good session they go home & sleep!

*Tracking is great for competition dogs because cross-training prevents burnout, keeps the primary sport fresh, and enhances teamwork & drive

*Tracking is a wonderful way for owners to get a glimpse into the world of scent that a dog lives in

*Tracking is an excellent way to bond with your dog and enrich his life.

*Tracking can be done nearly anywhere, at any time, with very minimal equipment

*Tracking is a unique sport in that teamwork between equal partners is necessary, but the dog leads the dance!
About your Instructor:
Vita Allison grew up participating in many dog sports and has titled over 30 dogs of different breeds in AKC and other venues, often achieving the highest awards and national rankings. She is teaching both AKC Rally and Tracking for LOTC.
Vita has enjoyed tracking with a number of dogs of various breeds, ages, and sizes - especially in urban situations. She has written numerous articles to help people get started tracking, many of which were published in Dog Sport Magazine. Vita is fascinated by the science of scent and would really enjoy introducing you & your dog to tracking!!
Vita is also one of AKC’s first Southern California Rally judges. She continues to exhibit and do all she can to popularize the sport. She has been successful in many sports, including Rally, with Borzoi, Whippets, Boxer, Doberman, Schipperke, Parson, and most recently her Australian Shepherd. Vita is always learning new training techniques.


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