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The Dog Spa 

Welcome to The Dog Spa..  Your dog's Zen AND a place to get squeaky clean.

We also have a Bath and Go Service (no blow dry or brush out)
Add $7 for Nail Trim

Under 40lb Short Coat $22.00
40lb - 60lb Short Coat $25.00
Under 40lb Long Coat $27.00

41lb - 60lb Long Coat $30.00
Short Coat = under 2"

Long Coat = 2" and over

We use all natural hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners that are sensitive and gentle on the skin.

A Complete Spa Day - for all Club Dogs Clients

Service includes wash and blow with ear clean, brush out, and 15 min massage with our Certified Canine Massage Practitioner.  A massage promotes relaxation, circulation, blood flow and eases muscle soreness.  We will also be paying close attention to any abnormalities.  We will check for scratches, lumps, bumps and anything else that may need your attention.  Any findings will be marked on a body chart and given to you upon pick up.

Under 30lb = $45
30lb - 60lb - $55
60lb - 80lb = $65
Add $5 for Long Coat

Add $5 for Nail Trim

Book your dog for a Spa Day today.

Dogs must be friendly and comfortable getting a bath.  We are not taking dogs who are uncomfortable with baths, brushings or new people at this time.

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