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Online Nose Work Class

Who should join this class?  ANYONE.

This class is for pet dogs from new puppies to senior dogs in their golden years.  Dogs who are recovering from surgery, physically challenged dogs, rowdy teenage dogs - you name it, they will love it and YOU don't need any experience as this is an EASY to follow fun class.


  • From the safety of your home and at your own pace

  • Teaching your dog nose work is a biologically fulfilling activity and drains mental energy.  It builds confidence, gives your dog purpose and grows/builds the relationship between you and your dog.

  • Video Sessions and Live Learning Options for all the help you need to succeed

  • Post videos for guidance and feedback -This option also included voice over video review and guidance of each of your homework sessions.

  • Learn through other students videos

  • Ask questions and have regular access to your instructor

  • Enjoy a low energy and low impact activity.  An activity that can be done with your dog anytime at your home

  • 6 week course - 20 weeks to complete it

  • Starts as soon as you are ready

  • Zoom sessions for those Platinum members to ask questions and problems solve any issues

What you and your dog will learn through this course:

  • Teach your dog to recognize target odor

  • Teach your dog that recognizing target odor produces reward

  • Teach your dogs duration on target odor

  • Teach your dog to discriminate between containers

  • Teach your dog to hunt, find, and alert to target odor

  • Teach your dog a clear alert signal when they have found target odor

  • Teach your dog multiple container searches

What you and your dog will be learning is to find and alert to target odor amongst multiple containers.  Watch your dog have the time of their life.

We have Nose Work kits ready to go with everything you need to get started.


If we are all socially stuck inside - Lets teach our dogs some killer skills and have a blast !!

Price $240

This OnLine Course is coming soon

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