Our walk and train program gives owners the opportunity to have our trainer pick up your pup/dog for a training walk and basic obedience training in your own neighborhood.  We work on leash skills, sit, down, stay and recall.  This is a great option for those that have already begun training and need to get sessions in at home along with a dog walk.

Once your dog is ready we can include location training such as , outdoor coffee shops, pet friendly stores and beach boardwalks.

This is personal training and a training walk with your dog - and we come to you.

We can also customize your training needs.  For example:  If you are only needing loose leash work, we will spend the session on Loose Leash Walking Skills.

Each session is 1 Hour - we may run over a bit at times.

3 DAYS A WEEK - $375/week

5 DAYS A WEEK - $615/week

During our phone consultation we will go over your needs and best options.

This program is not for dog aggression, reactivity, anxiety or other major behavior issues.

Please call for booking




Being The Hounds Grounds is highly focused on dog training we take pride in giving you the confidence that the hard work you have put into your training with your dog is also implemented into our dog walks.  We will maintain loose leash manners and obedience your dogs understands.

Your dog can also enjoy an Urban Agility Walk, A Nature Walk, or a 2 Hour Adventure

  • Our Urban Agility Walk not only focuses on a structured walk but also implements the environment for some structured obstacles.  Why is this good?  We add  challenges to your dogs  walk that will give your dog a purpose, they will learn something new which builds confidence and this added layer drains mental energy atop of draining physical energy.  You will have a nice fulfilled doggo. 

  • Our Nature Walk is for those that live near the Wetlands, Back Bay, or a Nature Trail.  Nature Walks are a fantastic way to add a physical workout and not only walk but to smell !  The smells in these areas will give your dog a deeper mental drain as they take in their environment and process all the information through the olfactory system.  Smelling is one of the most important aspect of being a dogs, it's their way of gaining information and they need to keep in good practice in order to stay balanced.  We will start your pup/dog on a structured walk and then switch to a long line to allow them a bit of freedom without causing tension on the leash.  We will then end the Nature Walk with structure.

  • Puppy Exposure Outing - do you have a young unvaccinated puppy?  It is vital that they are exposure to life around them before the Critical Development Window closes.  That is between 14 - 16 weeks of age.  When pups miss being out in the world during this time VERT VERY often they develop behavior issues.  The Hounds Grounds has developed a program that maintains zero contact of your pups paws on the ground but allows us to safely get them out in the world.  We understand how to build levels of distraction intensity slowly dependent on the confidence of the pup.  This 40 min outing will allow your pup to safely take in the worlds sites and sounds, it will allow your pup to experience humans and dogs without them building excitement in your pup as they will not be interacting with your pup.  This is HUGE as it teaches your pup at a very young age that the site of people and dogs does not mean we get over excited.  We are very knowledgable and experienced  in puppy development and very much advocate for proper exposure being done within the critical development period.

Call for your free phone consultation to get started.

30  min Walks - $30

45 min Walk - $35

Walk w/Urban Agility  45 min - $36

Nature Walk  60 min - $40

Puppy Exposure Outing  40 min - $35

Our walkers are CPR Certified, Insured and Bonded.

This program is not for dog aggression, reactivity, anxiety or other major behavior issues.