Training & Fulfillment

Club Dogs  specializes in fulfillment through Reinforcement of Basic Training, , Enrichment, and Proper Socialization. to dogs and objects such as wheelchairs, walkers,  and other objects that dogs will need to feel comfortable around in our daily lives.

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of dogs and their owners from the perspective of a professional dog trainer.  Skip the mindless cage free chaos of a traditional daycare settings and provide them with purpose.

This program is wonderful for puppies who need to learn the manners and structure early on.


Club Dogs offers

Reinforce basic training skills such as sit, down, stay, place, recall etc., and manners such as proper leash walking, four on the floor, food manners and door manners.

 Have your dog participate in a well rounded program that includes fulfilling all of their needs.  Your dog will practice/reinforce calm, relaxation, obedience  and manners. 


Our trainers specialize in behavior and the understanding of biological fulfillment vs. a dog that aimlessly adrenalizes energy in an unhealthy manner.

It is very very important that dogs have calm downtime in their day

Maintaining a heathy mental and physical state


Dogs must be dog/people friendly with all dogs sizes/breeds, no behavior issues.  Spayed/Neutered if over 6 months.  UTD on all shots or current Titer Test and a complete fecal exam including Ova Parasite and Giardia.  Dogs must be properly crate trained to attend.   Eval required.  Drop off and Pick up times are strict, we are not a dog daycare.

Club Dogs is available by appointment

 7a - 4p Tuesday and Thursday
Wednesday from 7a - 11a

7am - 11am packages

Single day - $45

5 pass package - $217

9 pass Package 10th Pass Free- $409


Full Day Packages 7am - 4:00pm

5 pass package - $295

9 pass package 10th Pass Free - $560

Dogs must attend a minimum of 3 times per month to remain in this program.  It is important to keep up on your dogs reinforcement of good behaviors.