Meet The Team

Brandi Bryant

Founder, Owner, Head Trainer

I have had the honor and privilege to learn from, take courses and workshops with some of the greatest dog trainers in the world.  As a Professional Dog Trainer it is important to continue education in many different venues to allow for a multitude of problem solving tools for owners and their dogs.  It is a priority to continue to up my training game for the benefit of helping dogs/owners.

Just a few of the trainers that have had a major influence on me and my training:  Ivan Balabanovl Chad Mackin, Jay Jack, Susan Garrett, Pat Stuart, Glen Cooke, Nelson Hodges, Wendy Volhard, Kayce Cover, and many more.  Learning everything from Behavior Modification, K9 sports, Positive Training Methods, Scent Detection, Relationship Based Behavior Modification and A TON more.  I am a Professional with IACP and a AKC CGC  Evaluator.

When picking a trainer my advise is to pick one that understands behavior, understands that every single dog is different and unique which means there is NO one method that fits every person and dogs needs.


Vita Allison

Vita Allison grew up locally participating in many dog sports and has titled over 40 dogs in various sports, in AKC and other venues, often achieving the highest awards and national rankings.
Vita enjoys a variety of sports with her dogs including Rally, Tracking, competition Obedience and Parkour.  
She will be teaching a variety of classes, workshops, webinars and more with The Hounds Grounds.

Vita has also written numerous articles to help people get started tracking, many of which were published in Dog Sport Magazine.
Vita is fascinated by the science of scent and would really enjoy introducing you & your dog to tracking!!

She is also one of AKC’s first Southern California Rally judges.  She continues to exhibit and do all she can to popularize the sport.  She has been successful in many sports, including Rally, with Borzoi, Whippets, Boxer, Doberman, Schipperke, Parson, and most recently her Australian Shepherd.  Vita is always learning new training techniques and would enjoy helping you discover the joy of teamwork with your companion. 

She delights in combining enthusiasm with precision in all events and often uses games to facilitate training. 

Come join one of Vita's classes

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Melissa started at The Hounds Grounds as a client with her Rhodesian Ridgeback, Lulu.  She exhibited wonderful skills in training Lulu and then her 2nd dog George came along.  She maintained our training protocols and trained George beautifully and with such dedication and follow through.
She had a strong interest in Dog Training and we felt she would excel in our trainer program.  We are happy to say - she did excel and passed our Foundations Course with high marks and became a Certified Trainer - WCCAC-L1CT
After completing our foundations trainer course she  shadowed our group classes and private training for a year and is now working with us through our day training programs and group classes.
Melissas dedication and follow through in becoming a dog trainer was no surprise at all.

Going Melissa in Basics Ob, Puppy Prep and AKC CGC Classes

Dog Trainer

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Canine Massage

Jenny is every dogs zen!

Jenny jumped on board The Hounds Grounds train as our Certified Canine Massage Therapist.

While spending so much time with Brandi and  dogs she couldn't help but learn the basic needs of our 4 paw'd friends along with understanding exactly how to help them relax.  Jenny also heads our Dog Spa.  She  has the magic touch and offers in-home dog massages after a nice walk when time allows.



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