This group class is your A-Z for raising a puppy.  Join before you get your puppy for maximum success.  Joining as early as you can will start you off on raising your puppy with clarity and success.  We combine a in-person exposure class along with a group Zoom class AND an active Facebook group to ensure you are getting information throughout the week.  When we have young pups it's important to check in a couple times a week to keep everything on track. 

This class includes:

  • Setting up your home (Zoom)

  • Supplies (PupLogics Book)

  • Happy Vet Happy Pet - creating happy positive experiences at the vet and making sure a vital test is done to ensure your socialization is not delayed (Zoom, FB)

  • Critical Development - THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR PUPPY (Zoom, FB, Sunday Class)

  • Puppy Fear Periods, Imprint Stages what it means and why you must understand them to avoid aggression, reactivity, fear, anxiety and other behavior issues (Monday Zoom classes, FB, Sunday Class)

  • Knowing what to do when something unfortunate happens.  This can help you to ensure your pup recovers from a bad experience.  This can mean the difference between maintaining a happy balanced pup or having a pup that will never be social and may be reactive and fearful.  We will help you understand recovery. (Zoom, FB, Sunday Class)

  • Local vets, Emergency and Specialty for your records (PupLogics Book)

  • Insurance (PupLogics Book)

  • Nutrition (Zoom, FB)

  • Creating success through clarity (Group Zoom Classes, FB) - this is worth the course on it's own

  •     >Not creating bad habits that have to be undone while also retraining for appropriate behaviors

  •     >How to create clarity through proper boundaries that will save you months of  undo'ing bad behaviors.

  •     >Clarity, Rules and Relationship through game
    Access to the following from the time you get your puppy up to 5 month old

  • Exposure Classes a min of two times a month.  We change it up as it could be a weekday evening or a weekend day at 11a- I cannot express how important this is!  You will learn more in this Sunday class than any class you will ever take with your puppy.  These are drop in, if you miss one it is not a problem. come to the next one.  We discuss all things puppy in this class along with getting our puppies out in the world safely.  Puppy backpack, stroller or wagon required for pups not fully vaccinated.)

  • Monday night group Zoom lessons where you will learn and can ask questions regarding your puppy.  Zooms are 1 hour long for the group.  These are recorded and placed in the Facebook group for you to reference when needed.

  • Facebook group for learning, asking questions, posting homework videos for review.

  • Videos include: 

  •     >Crate Training

  •     >Potty Training

  •     >Puppy Biting/Tug

  •     >Avoid Separation Anxiety

  •     >Avoid Food Guarding

  •     >Door Boundaries

  •     >Food Manners

  •     >Leash Handeling

  •     >Marker Training and why it is GOLD when done properly

  •     >Position Games promo video to teach your puppy the foundational stages of sit, down, heel position and how to make it so motivating that your puppy will be LOOOVING work.

  •     >Sit

  •     >Down

  •     >Stay (Implied) building Duration and Distance (Work Ethic)

  •     >Recall

  •     >Leash Foundations