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Puppy Prep

Online Course &

Drop - in Classes

Drop in  class is for puppies who have completed at least 2 sets of DHPP, 1 Bordetella and has their fecal lab results showing negative for Ova/Parasite and Giardia.
and that are ages 10 weeks to 5 months


Online Puppy Prep Course is all ages

These are the foundational skills needed to attain a happy well trained pup.

Online Course - $75 and includes the below listed video training

Why Online Courses when learning in-person is better?

EASY!!!  YOU need to understand how to implement Foundational Skills from the day your puppy arrives!!!!
Your puppy needs to begin Foundational Skills such as the first 8 videos from the day he/she arrives as well.  Otherwise, you get a trainer AFTER bad habits and behaviors have already started!  Now you are battling with the naughty behaviors along with teaching the correct behaviors.  This is confusing for the puppy, frustrating for both the family and the puppy and just not efficient.  Not to mention it is  just not a good way to start out a relationship with your new puppy.

We make sure you have access to a TON of information at your fingertips day or night ! Along with providing you a drop-in class for the in-person hands on learning you will need as well.

How does it work?

Once you are registered in our system you can purchase our Puppy Prep Online Course.  You  will get access to the following:

 Foundational Manners training videos that will  set your puppy up for success in ALL areas of training.  You will be teaching them how to learn and problem solve.  This will translate to ALL of your dogs training moving forward.

  • Crate Manners

  • Door Manners (this is crate door, front door and car door)

  • Food Manner

  • Avoiding Food Guarding

  • Avoiding Separation Anxiety (DO NOT IGNORE THIS ONE)

  • Potty Training

  • Jumping

  • Puppy Biting

We make sure in your pups early months that the training is fun and motivational.  This helps your puppy WANT to train/learn and keeps them interested.  You will also receive Puppy Prep Obedience training videos:

  • Marker Training ( DO NOT SKIP - this is a foundational skill )

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Beginning the Stay by building duration in sit and down positions

  • Recall

  • Leash Foundation



min 3 people to have class Max 5 people in class

no more than 5 as we spend time helping each clients with adjustments to ensure they are successful in the course curriculum.

Please understand we keep drop-in class curriculum to what is listed above.  We will focus on honing you and your puppies skills in manners and obedience.

Every other week we have drop in classes that you can attend to CUSTOMIZE and PROBLEM SOLVE any and all of the above.  So, if you get stuck, need help, need us to adjust how things are being done - you attend a drop in class.

Please come into your drop-in class knowing what you need help with based on the videos you have been working on.

There is always a risk when you take your dogs outside the home prior to all vaccines being complete.  You understand and accept all the risk when registering for this class.

Happy Puppy