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The Hounds Grounds is a Professional Dog Training and Dog Trainer Educational Facility with a strong belief and foundation in fulfilling a dog physically & mentally.  

Being a leader in their field for over a decade,

The Hounds Grounds Specializes in providing education and certification to others  in professional dog training and helping owners understand how to train their dog to be loving happy well balanced members of the family.

We also offer CGC, Workshops, Canine Massage Wellness and Nutrition.

Our most important objective being to bring owners back to living well with their dogs.

Every Head Trainer associated with The Hounds Grounds has had a min of 7 years behavior and obedience training and experience along with continuing EDU credits, attending workshops, seminars, schools, and shadow programs with the absolute BEST  in the industry.   We pride ourselves in understanding what DOGS need to be successful in life with us.

The Hounds Grounds is unique in its approach as we specialize in the dog and owner as individuals while maintaining a positive motivational modality and bridging the gap in communication between dogs and their humans. We help you to create a calm well mannered dog without squashing a dogs brilliant personality.  We stay focused on motivation for the dog which builds a strong relationship between dog/owner.

Always dreamed of a career in dog training?  Head over to West Coast Canine Academic Center to get registered for one of our courses or workshops.  We will open up a world of knowledge and continued education that will make your dream a reality.

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Brandi is amazing and her facility is so well run! I got my mom a rescue dog who is very shy and in just a couple of months with Brandi she is already much more confident and thoroughly enjoying Club 3647. I highly recommend the Hounds Grounds


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