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Welcome to The Hounds Grounds, where we are dedicated to helping your dog reach their full potential. Our team of experienced dog trainers truly believe in the importance of fulfilling a dog both physically and mentally, and we work hard to create a safe, nurturing environment where they can thrive. Whether you are looking for Private Training, Group Classes, Board and Trains or Puppy Development, we have you covered. 

Our primary objective is to provide dog owners with the necessary skills and techniques to improve their relationship with their dog while fulfilling the dog's genetic needs. We understand that each dog has its own personality and unique set of behaviors, and we take pride in building personalized training plans to address specific issues.

We know that every dog comes with their own set of behaviors and personality traits, and our trainers are experts in identifying and addressing them. Our head trainers have over 15 years of firsthand experience and training with the absolute best in the industry, making it possible for us to provide the finest dog training available. With a broad range of training techniques and personalized sessions, The Hounds Grounds is perfect for dogs of all ages and backgrounds. Let us help you and your dog build a happy and healthy relationship today.

We understand that dog training can be a challenging and time-consuming process, which is why our programs are tailored to each dog's unique needs.We pride ourselves on creating calm, respectful canine citizens without stifling their brilliant happy personalities. Our training techniques are rooted in motivation and education.
We focus on building a bond of mutual respect between you and your dog, providing training sessions tailored to your dog's personality and temperament.


You can expect to have a happier, healthier relationship with your dog.

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Brandi is amazing and her facility is so well run! I got my mom a rescue dog who is very shy and in just a couple of months with Brandi she is already much more confident and thoroughly enjoying Club 3647. I highly recommend the Hounds Grounds


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